Bang! Lamp

Bang! Lamp

Overall: ****   Design: ****   Performance: ***
Price: $5   

Bang! Lamp 1

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Bang! Lamp by Bitplay Inc.


BANG! is a desk lamp with a gun-shaped remote controller. User can fire the “gun” to turn the light off. The light goes out and the shade knocks to the side, showing that it’s been hit. To turn it back on, simply shot it again, and the shade will raise up slowly and turn the light back on at the same time.

It is a cool product to put either in living room or bedroom.  When your friends come over, give them a surprise.  by shooting at the lamp, you may release your pressure from work.  But it’s a little expensive.  And it’s often on and off market.

  • Advantage:
  1. It is fun to use
  2. You can control it in some distance
  • Disadvantage: Can’t adjust brightness.

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